Ken Pense

Leadership Development, Professional Training & Coaching

Hi. I'm Ken Pense. I work with people who have realized that playing the game by the rules leads to a mis-aligned life.

Ken Pense's Bio:

Ken Pense partners with high impact individuals and teams who are looking for deep and sustainable change. The steps are to discover who you truely are (passions, purpose, talents and skills) and then re-align your life, work and relationship around those discoverys.  The work is difficult, treacherous, and highly rewarding. Courage and a desire to live life by your own rules are the pre-requisites.      

Ken Pense's Experience:

  • Principal at Leadership One

    Assessement and training in support of family businessess which are in transition from one generation to the next.

Ken Pense's Education:

  • Azusa Pacific University

    Concentration: Marriage Family Counseling

Ken Pense's Interests & Activities:

Neuroscience, Adult learning styles, Systems theory, Sailing, Photography, Collective impact, Human centered design